WIN a Holga 120N...

WIN a Holga 120N
with the timed exposure accessory and cable release


Has it been used? No. Have I still got the box? No, it fell apart, seriously it looked like it had been glued together with spit. So a box-less Holga 120N with cable release as pictured. And what you may ask do I want you to do to win said toy camera?

Question:- Name the author of 'The Dark Summer' : Hint: the photography book not the novel 

The prize draw will be made by my six year old son, he's very excited, all names with the correct answer will be drawn from a policeman's helmet, Oh yes it WILL! On the 26th January 2013.

Leave your name and answer in the comments section below, you might not be able to do this from a mobile device, phone or tablet, I've no idea why you'd need to ask Google. Alternatively you can e-mail your answer too .Your details will not be pimped, sold or horse traded to anyone, I'm not Facebook! I will post this out to ANYWHERE in the world, yes ANYWHERE. Though the further away you are from the UK the longer the wait for it's arrival will be. So if you've always fancied a Holga, give it a try, someone has to win this. No purchase necessary.