More Bamboo!

I drew this picture a few years ago, whilst having a cartoon drawing session with my nephew, it's full title is "On bugger, not more Bamboo!" I have to admit I feel like that Panda at the moment, as it always eats the same food day in day out, I'm shooting the same sort of thing day in day out. Am I like the Panda, stuck in a rut? I've checked in the mirror, thank God the dark circles under my eyes are from sleepless nights thanks to my two year old son, I'm not turning into a Panda.

I've been shooting a lot of product recently, nothing exciting photographically, simple shots on white backgrounds, but exactly to the clients' brief. Okay on occasion I get out of the studio and travel to a distant location and snap away all day, buildings, vehicles, people, but the products are always there when I get back. Some days I'll shoot a load of products before lunch then, despite having work to do, I'll grab the camera and tripod and go out. I might only find one or two things I really want to photograph, or I may have left it too late and the sun is already in the wrong place, but I think it's important to go out and stimulate myself, remember why I'm doing what I do. I love photography, have done since I was 12 years old. I'll get back and happily get through the rest of the job and smile to myself, it's not all bamboo.