A new arrival.......

Going to be a Dad again, should be within the next 10 to 12 days. I've just finished the computer work on two big jobs, got the disks off in the post and the other job off to the clients ftp site, done the invoicing for March, even posted them all out to. Haven't got to much lined up for the next week, then it gets busy again, though that slack time could change, only takes a phone call. I'm hoping to be able to get some time with my wife, before all hell lets loose and my son finds out that he's got a little brother and not the car he said he wanted when we asked him if he wanted a brother or sister. Another member of the family will be great. I've been decorating, first the room we moved my first son, 2 years and 5 months, into and now the nursery, it's blue, it's a boy, at least it better be. I managed to get it all done despite being quite busy and I feel better for it. 
Decorating leaves you with time to think, usually, how am I going to get that paint off the carpet, but it gave me time to consider what I'm doing and what other avenues to pursue. Weddings are out, no, I don't care, NO! There's money in it but I really hate doing weddings, though I did one before Christmas for some friends at Blenheim Palace, that was cool, but also very wet. Portraits, well I do some but don't push it enough, I should and will be. Fine Art, or selling prints, that appeals to the old lab manager in me, that's a definite, I'm looking into the various ways of making this work. Stock, nah, not at the moment I might put some images up on Alamy, if they'll take them, ha ha, they seem to take anything. Stock isn't going to make anybody rich at the moment, but if you haven't got anything with the libraries it definitely wont.
So I'm planning to take the photography world by storm, as if, but you've got to try. All these plans and a baby on the way.... Where will I find the time?