So what you gonna do...............................

So what you gonna do now spring is sprung, the days are getting longer, we've even had some sunshine, the snow shows no sign of returning, at least according to the weathermen, so we should probably start worrying. I'm going to get out and shoot some stock, I've got a list of stuff I need to shoot and another list of stuff I want to shoot, whether they'll sell is another matter, but isn't that really what photography is all about, shooting what YOU want to?

It's how I started with photography, I wanted to capture my friends skateboarding back in the late 70's, I could always draw what I saw but having photographs for reference made it easier, till capturing the guys in photographs became the only goal. My subject matter stayed pretty focused for a few years before I started to turn my camera, by then a Russian Zenith TTL, on family and the things going on around me. I want to go back to that early passion, skateboarding is on the list, near the top, but I'm really looking at it as a big project, trying to reach a few of the older pro skaters I remember from my youth, 30 years on most of them are still skateboarding. The pictures are going to be more creative now, thanks to battery packs for monolight flash units, the rapid move in flash technology for outdoor shooting is a god send for what I've got planned. I'm hoping to get started in April, just got to firm up a few dates and locations. I'd better get those battery packs on charge.