Quick page shuffle.......... New home page to.

So the home page has had a quick change and I've shuffled some of the other pages images to, this while working on the new iPhone/iPad friendly site, which is taking sometime to get sorted. I've been doing a lot of PR shots recently and security product shots too, so that's been keeping me off Dreamweaver, hence the delay. Bought Capture One 5 the other week, so I'm also learning a new raw conversion program, which is making my workflow a little slower, I like it though and am really pleased with the results I'm getting, still using Photoshop for some of the finishing work, especially correcting verticals etc. Hoping that all the rain we're getting at the moment is going to lay off soon, I've got a few skateboarding shoots to do, personal project, all this rain is really putting a hold on getting the shoots organised.