Van photo for fish and chips........................

This is a van belonging to my neighbour, he's a tiler and recently qualified plumber. The vinyl was applied a couple of weeks ago and my neighbour asked if I could do a quick shot for some flyers he's going to get printed. So where do the fish and chips come in I hear you ask, well my neighbour also has a very good fish and chip shop, has the penny dropped yet? We have come to an arrangement over payment for the image, it'll come with salt and vinegar, curry sauce too if that takes my fancy.

The van was shot on his driveway, using the wonderful sunshine we experienced here today and a Bowens 750 Pro flash head with a beauty dish set at full power, a small canon speedlite was used to light the tyres and help fill in some of the darker areas, the resulting 6 images were dropped onto each other in layers in Photoshop and the unwanted portions of the image were erased. Then the layers were merged and in Selective Colours the red, blue, green were adjusted to bring out the colours of the vinyls. I used a cut-out to drop the background of the driveway and put some shadow effect around the bottom of the vehicle and around the tyres so it didn't look like it was floating on a white background.

That'll be cod and chips twice, two sausage and chips for the boys, now do I want curry sauce?