Saturday, 14 May 2011

A trip to the woods brings an unexpected...

... chance for a quick snap of my oldest lad. It was shot on my Canon 1Ds MkII with the 70-200 mm f4 L series lens, set at 150mm at f4.5 1/160 sec, though the file info says I'd got my 17-40 mm lens on, not sure what that's about! In photoshop I worked on the colour image then desaturated, lightened the eyes, then the face, but I wanted the eyes to draw you into the picture so I worked on them a little more darkening some parts and lightening others a little more. I like the shot, so does my wife, my son likes it, the police officer who came to talk about the action we wanted to take over our smashed car window liked it to, can't wait to show my Mum and Dad, must get printing now.
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