Apple Macs I've owned...

Having been delving into the innards of my MacPro a great deal recently I was pleasantly surprised to find some images of some of my previous Macs in an old folder in my archive. Starting with a Beige G3, not my first Mac, that was an iMac Blueberry 450 Mhz, but I can't find any photos of that, and I'm not prepared to go up into the attic to find and take a snap of it.

Next up a G3 Blue and White, I loved this baby and it served me very well over the years, it was stuffed full of hard drives and eventually became my server unit, it's on a shelf in the garage at the moment, devoid of hard drives but I just can't get rid of it. Purchased a G4 iMac next, great machine, stylish great design, bit of a pain to upgrade the hard drive, but I managed, once it was out of warranty of course. It's still working, though my wife's nephews got it now.

I've got two 21" Studio Displays, both still work but they're huge and take up so much desk space that one is squatting in a corner of the office floor, the other is in the garage. Free to a good home, though you'd have to come and pick them up. The E-Mac sits in the office on the spare desk, it's really just for my kids to play with. No pics of the G4 PowerMac 800 Mhz, I know I had some but can't find them anywhere, the mac ended up on e-bay and is probably giving someone excellent service to this day.

My knackered old iBook has long since given up the ghost, the screen went black one day and that was that, it still had it's uses, security shot above. The MacBook is still with us and has it's fare share of work thrust upon it. 

Which brings me to my present set up, dual screens, stacks of hard drives but you've seen all this before, I'll be back to blogging about photography again soon. I'm converting an old 5x4 Toyo view camera to take my Canon and will hopefully be doing some interest shots with that soon. Pics of the engineering bit coming soon, I hope.