Playing with the kids toys... AGAIN!

Thursday I was playing with the Lego Hero Factory toys, finally getting around to taking some images of them. I wanted to do some shots just of the toys without anything in the background to detract from them. So something simple, so standing them on white perspex, and a grey vinyl background. Lighting was simple to, a pair of 500w Bowens heads with 7 inch reflectors with 20º grids set up behind the toy either side at about 45º to the toy, a 500w head to camera left, with a maxi-light reflector and black cine-foil to flag a good deal of the light, it was almost above the figure.

Working with small models shows up all the muck and dust, so as well as cleaning the figures I used white cotton gloves, so as not to leave fingerprints, and a can of dust off to keep the dust at bay.

The image at the top of the blog post is a combination of the single figure image and fight scene I created with two of the toys and a couple of pieces of slate that I had in the garden. The toys and the slate were shot agains a Chroma-blue backdrop and thunderstorm clouds were dropped in behind them. I like the effect but I'm going to try something a bit more dynamic and dramatic, a bigger fight scene with more of the Hero toys and their enemy.

 This was shot late on, that classic hunter standing with prey shot, my eldest son has already asked for a print of this for his room. So I'm happy.

This last shot was an experiment with a different background, in the end it was just to fussy for what I wanted.