I've not been blogging much...

... lately, I could blame my workload, but that wouldn't be fair. I could blame the kids school holidays, nearly seven weeks of 'can I go to, can I have, when are we, why haven't we' but that isn't it. I could blame me. 

Think I've hit that one on the nail, it's me, I just haven't had it in me to sit down and write anything. I've had ideas, but I've filed those away in the recesses of my brain for another time. I've been looking at what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and instead of my usual certainty I've discovered doubt, uncertainty, and that's shocked me. I've always wanted to be a photographer, since I was a little kid playing with some old Kodak camera my Dad had, always. 

Am I a photographer? I feel I'm more of an administrator/telesales/marketing/guy these days, the actual photography doesn't take all my time, the processing on the computer takes a good chunk of time, though now I have let Lightroom 4 into my MacPro I seem to have speeded up my workflow, but it's all the other stuff, essential in the running of the business but it keeps me away from the camera.

It keeps me away from the camera... now that can't be a good thing.