Friday, 12 October 2012

Photography Apple Boxes DIY... part 2

So the first step is to set up a jig for routing out the handles in what will be the end pieces of the boxes. As I want four 8" x 12" x 20" boxes, and as the ply is 18mm thick I've worked out that the end pieces need to be 167mm x 269mm, I decided on a single handle/hole in the ends, set near to what will be the top of the box, this way I can pick up a pair of boxes with  one hand.

Here is the jig set up, the blocks restrict the movement of the router, the block holding down the plywood takes on two jobs, holding down the plywood and also restricting the router. If I was building loads of boxes I'd have built a specific jig just for cutting the handles, it didn't seem worth it for the 12 holes I had to cut. I've marked my bench so that if, or rather when I make some Half size Apple Boxes I can use the same set up.

First cut, I did between three and four passes to finally break through the ply, it puts less strain on the router tool.

Once the hole is cut it just need a good sanding, on both sides just making sure there are no potential splinters to stab me when I go to use the handles.

The router runs along the ply gripping block edge first, then in a clockwise motion up to the top block.

I only had 12 holes to cut, I spent a bit of time setting up each one and clamping them down, though it isn't that critical to be off by a few millimetres.

Why is the middle support piece also cut, my guess is that a strap or cable could be passed through the box to securely stack a number of boxes together, so I cut mine like I'd seen others done.

Top lid on and the first box is now screwed and glued together, just need to do the final routing of the edges, plugging the screw holes and the sanding.

 Looks like there will be a part 3 to this job, till next time.

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