Re: Christmas is coming... All change.

On the 16th of December I wrote this:-

"Christmas is coming, I've wrapped up the last job of the year and I've wrapped most of the presents too, the decorations are up and so is my desire to get some personal work shot. I've got to get some shots done of the kids, another year passes and they are both shooting up, that needs to be captured and immortalised in pixels. I have other plans too, you'll hopefully see some of the results here in the next month or so. In the meantime a happy Christmas to you and a very happy and prosperous new year."

All change, I'm now looking at working half the holidays for a couple of good clients who've suddenly sprung a whole heap of product shots on me, I'm not phased by this, it's going to put my plans back a little, not a problem. I've also got some portraits of my niece and her best friend to do before she goes off to join the army in January, a job that I'm extremely honoured to do.

Plans change on the ring of a phone or the ping of the inbox, I go with the flow, and while the work flows in I work. Happy Christmas again... Oh and Happy New Year.