Monday, 28 January 2013

I might have a softbox problem...

I was sorting out my lighting equipment today and for some reason I counted the number of softboxes I've got, it came as a little bit of a shock that I have 13 of them...

2 off 30cm x 40cm Calumet Nova
1 off 60cm x 60 cm Bowens
1 off 60cm x 80cm Redwing (very old)
2 off 60cm x 80cm Bowens 
1 off 80cm x 100cm Redwing (very old)
1 off 100cm x 140cm Bowens
1 off 120cm Octabox
2 off 22cm x 90 cm Strip-boxes
2 off 35cm x 140cm Strip-boxes

13 softboxes, I might have an addiction to buying softboxes...

I am a photographer, I have a problem, isn't 13 supposed to be unlucky? 

I might need to buy another softbox!

Update 30/1/2013: Problem solved, just picked up a 95cm Octabox... And does anyone have a phone number for Softboxes Anonymous?

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