Sunday, 5 May 2013

No Rest For Old Skateboarders

On the first Saturday of any given month it's Middle Age Shred session at Deeside Evolution Extreme Skatepark. Your older skaters are in attendance, practicing new tricks, trying to get tricks back which they've lost over the years, meeting up with friends, recapturing their youth, but above all having fun, because that's what skateboarding is about.

So in-between grinding the coping, flipping onto a rail, or picking themselves up after a wipeout, they came and posed for the camera. These people could work with you, or you might see them walking to work in a suit, they might be building your extension on your house, god help you if they are your pilot for your next trip abroad. Now you know that in their spare time they take their boards and shred.

Oh yeah, you know the saying, "There's always one" well in this case there's two!

This is Dean Sanders, he skates hard, constantly looking for new lines in a bowl to pull off a trick, to make that trick just that little bit more ridiculously hard to do. These shots show the attempt at flying up off a hip in a bowl and landing, and sliding a smith grind up on the vertical extension, he was so close to making it, next time.

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