So take one child, a toy tin aeroplane, a flying hat, and some goggles...

So take one child, a toy tin aeroplane, a flying hat, and some goggles, then make him stand on top of two apple boxes, surround the child with lighting from various modifiers, lay down on the floor and take a picture. Ideas always sound so simple. 

I know I've already posted information about this shoot, but now I've added a lighting layout, so you'll just have to put up with it again. Two Bowens 500w Pro heads were placed either side of the model, pointing slightly up at about 15°, these were both fitted with 30cm x 140cm stripboxes with fabric grids, set to 1/2 power. A Bowens 750w Pro head was set level with the model to camera left, this was fitted with a 90cm Octa-softbox, it was set to 1/4 power. The background was provided by mother nature, she seemed particularly generous the evening of the shoot, the sky was blue and streaked with wispy high cloud, most of the week leading up to the shoot was dull, grey, and usually accompanied with lashings of rain, well it is summer here in the UK.

For most of the shoot my model performed brilliantly, though had to be reminded to "NOT LOOK AT THE CAMERA!" a few times

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