iShoot Transmitters and Receivers...

I bought these iShoot transmitters and receivers because my existing sets were starting to fail, the old receivers hung from a jack plug and the wires in the cables had started to break. So I was trawling ebay when I came across these beauties. At £27.99 with free shipping from Hong Kong how could you go wrong? Now don't get me wrong I wasn't just going for cheapness, I've used Pocket Wizards, Wein and other expensive systems in the past, but to be honest, for what I require, these thing fit the bill perfectly. They have a 30 metre/100ft coverage and I'm rarely that far from my lighting.

The Transmitter is small and very simple, so it doesn't add a great deal of weight to the camera, the 4 channel selection sits under the unit, on top a simple test button to fire off the flashes.

The receivers are quite small and pop straight into the jack plug socket, no dangling receiver on a length of wire. Though I have discovered one problem. If you are using the Bowens Travelpak the cable fouls the iShoot receiver, making it impossible to use... or so you'd think, I've ordered some right angle Jack plug adapters, should be here this week so hopefully problem solved. 

I was shooting some products last week and put the iShoot units through their paces, flawless, never missed a pop...

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