Photography... Working on portfolio work, at least trying.

I have a raft of ideas for portfolio shots, I've been trying to get my act together this week, between other jobs, to get started on a few of them. I've been spraying beer bottles with clear coat for some wet look bottle shots, I still need to do a few more coats. I've tiled a board with mosaic tiles for another shot idea, though I still need to grout them, the shot involves a robot lunch box, nuts, bolts, screws, wire wool, and some glass jars that I have designed labels for, oh and a can of oil. I have a box full of plastic toy soldiers that will be used on another shot that I want to use for promoting the business. The problem is there is always something getting in the way of finishing these projects, work. I'm not complaining, obviously, but my conscience is bugging me to get the portfolio shots finished... I'm hoping for a bit of time tomorrow to get the beer shots done, so I had better go give them another thin coat of clear coat... A photographers work is never done.


The label have been finished today (05-12-2014), just need to finish the design for the oil can. Bolts have finally turned up, shoot now set for next week.