Hands on with the Canon 5D MkIV

My thanks go to my friend Clint Hughes, who happened to be borrowing a Canon 5D MkIV from Canon UK for testing, he asked if I'd like to check it out, silly question. I set up three flash heads so we could test it in studio conditions. I set the lighting to 'rugged', and started shooting.

The camera handles exactly like my 5D MkIII, as you'd expect, all the buttons and wheels are in the same places, so you can pick it up and you're away, straight to work. After half an hour, or so, I'd got enough images, I'd been changing the lighting after every 8-10 shots, showing Clint, who is a freelance sports photographer, but wants to learn more about lighting techniques, exactly how moving a light even slightly can completely change a portrait.

Next I dropped the images onto the iMac, straight into Photoshop, and set about adjusting the raw files, first thing I noticed was how much bigger they were, 86.1Mb as opposed to the 63.3Mb of the 5D MkIII, but the iMac churned through them easily. I'm impressed, but not enough to invest, let's see what improvements the MkV eventually brings to the table.

All images ©2017 Alistair Kerr Photography