Quickload......................................... RIP

You know some film products will be really missed, Fuji's Quickload will be one of them. Kodak first brought out 5X4 film in a packet, though it was a single sheet and it to used a Polaroid 545 film back, but it was Fuji that really moved the idea on with two sheets of film just like a proper dark-slide. I've used tones of the stuff, Velvia, Provia, Astia even 64T, it was just so convenient compared with loading and off loading dark-slides, great for working on location so much easier than humping a case full of dark-slides around. It's inevitable that Quickload would get axed, I've not used my 5X4 with film for 8 years now, I sold my 545 back on e-bay over two years ago, I like many others have turned their backs on large format film and it's a great product like Quickload that has been scrapped because of it. I feel a little bit ashamed, RIP Quickload, you were great in your day, but that's long gone.