Studio shoot..........................1940's Style

Cast & Crew:-
Models: Molly Melia and Tim Rotheram from PHA Model Management
Agency: Steve Ford from FerrymanBlue
Make-up: Nigel Hughes
Clothing: The Royal Exchange Theatre Company
Assistant: Clint Hughes

We had to recreate a 1940's style Hollywood movie promotional image for an ad, the client was quite specific in the feel the image had to convey, the use of period clothing, make up, hair styling was essential.

As you'll appreciate these things take time to come together, Molly had an hour and a half in hair and make up to capture the 40's look, Tim really just needed to have a shave and have a parting put in his gelled hair, with just a little touch up make up. The problem was when Tim went to put on the waistcoat that came with the jacket that no way was that going to fit. The jacket was a little on the tight side to, but as most of the shots would have the front of the jacket obscured it wasn't a big worry.

As the shoot progressed the usual changes to the original brief started, with a good mix of input from Steve, the client and myself leading to a more varied set of poses, with the models allowed to be creative on their own for the final fifteen minutes of the shoot. Which gave us some interesting shots to work with, though with the tight jacket it also gave me some work in photoshop to make it look less snug.

We chose Infocus Studios in Marple for this shoot, it was really well kitted out with 1000W Bowens Monolights running on ceiling tracking, every bowens reflector you could wish for, a good mix of different sized Wafers and Bowens softboxes and all set around an infinity cove. A seperate makeup/dressing room, a well appointed kitchen, though we just took advantage of the kettle and cups.

I just want to thank everyone involved for making the shoot run nice and smoothly, to Clint for capturing a few images during the shoot for the blog, note to self:- Must get an HD video camera next.