Fuji FinePix X100.............................. Nice

Talk about retro styling, if this new model from Fuji works as good as it looks then I think they're on to a winner. 12megapixel APS-C chip a 23mm lens (equivalent to 35mm lens on a full frame chip) and it shoots 720p HD video. With a few manufacturers now sticking bigger DSLR chips into there top end compacts can a full frame 35mm chip compact be that far off, who's going to be brave enough to bring that out. It's got to happen at some point.

Extra: So Photokina has finally got underway and the X100 is causing quite a stir, I'm not surprised with those looks and the speck of this little compact I think Fuji are onto a winner. It's going to be down to price point as to what sort of volume they shift these little beauties in, I know I'd like to be snapping my incidental location shots, video clips and family shots with this cute camera. Mr Fuji how much?