Photokina........................... No Pro Models!

Just been reading some of the blogs from Photokina, it's very interesting, everyone is picking up on the fact that Canon haven't announced the new incarnation of the 1Ds, there's no 5D MkIII and Nikon haven't up-graded the D3X. So what's going on? The compact market is going off, everybody's aim seems to be to flood this lucrative market with new models, it's like the pro market has lost it's lustre, have we already got enough toys to buy, well yes, yes we have. The rumour mongers are pre-empting the camera manufacturers and suggesting what they want next, maybe the manufacturers want to sell a few more of their existing high end cameras before retooling for the next megapixel monsters to hit the market. I think the attention now will be for the missing new pro models to appear for PMA in the spring but you never know. Maybe, just maybe this new love affair with compacts will continue for a bit longer.