Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Calumet................................. Downsizing!

So I got a letter from Calumet Photographic late last week, attached was a £10 voucher to spend at the Manchester branch and only the Manchester branch. So I then read the letter, discovering that the Liverpool branch is to close at the end of the year, literally the end of the year 31st December. I think it's sad that they're closing the Brunswick Business Park store, for me it's far easier to get to than taking a trip down the M56 to Manchester, a trip that has taken me anything up to 3 hours to get there and back. Okay I can bitch and moan about it but that's not going to change anything. Everyone is downsizing in one way or another these days, governments, companies, households, everybody is changing the way they spend money so I guess I've got to go with the flow. Now what can I get for £10 at Calumet?

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