Some new bits and pieces on the desk...

There have been a few resent changes to the equipment on my desk, a 20 inch Apple Cinema Display has replaced the old 17 inch screen and I've installed an Icy Box IB-111StUS2-Wh Docking Station. This is for the updating of the off site hard drives, which are usually stored at a top secret location (my Dad's house) for the reassurance of extra back up of all my data. The unit comes with USB 2.0 or eSATA connection, the eSATA being far faster and my obvious choice.

The Icy Box unit has quite a small footprint and is extremely easy to use during my weekly Monday back up of all data to a eSATA 1.5 TB drive, that my Dad drops off in the morning and takes away later the same day. The drives travel in these Icy Box plastic cases (below) which keep them safe from dust and moisture.

The iPhone 4 , pictured below, has a pair of external batteries, I got these just incase the phone battery died out on location, one travels in my camera bag, the other usually accompanies my iPad.

The film cameras on the windowsill are all still in use, the Rolleicord and Canon EOS 1N more than the Nikon FM, which has gathered a bit of dust and needs a damned good clean, on well out with the canned air.

05/2012: A quick update on the Icy Box Docking Station... Never! Never! Ever! Let a three year old into your office, he will fill the Icy Box Docking Station with whatever is to hand, compact flash cards, money, blu-tac, a Polo mint, and a pencil sharpener. Suffice to say the Icy Box docking Station has not taken well to these non hard drive intruders and has given up the ghost. My three year old son still finds it funny, but he doesn't understand the meaning of 'I've spent your college money' yet.