False Polaroid frames, it's just so wrong...

Trawling through some old mountain bike race images I came across these, they were shot in Portugal at a Maxxis Cup downhill race, these are of Helen Mortimer, a seasoned downhill racer who won the womens competition at the event. But, why, oh why I'd dropped false polaroid frames over them you'd have had to ask me six years ago, because I really haven't got a clue now. It just goes to show that something that you may have thought was 'sooo cool' a few years ago now looks stupid, contrived and really adds nothing to the images. Giant Bikes used the colour shot, they picked and used it before I added the frame, Vans Shoes used a couple of other images of Helen Mortimer for full bleed ads in Dirt magazine and MBUK, again less the Polaroid frames. 

So next time I find myself at a loose end with an image up on the Mac screen I will kick myself if I start to think 'hmm that could do with a nice false border'.