Hipstamatic, I'm hooked...

I've heard about, read about it, and now finally I'm in on it, Hipstamatic for the iPhone, it's so retro it hurts, takes me back to the 70's when the quality of neg prints from the chemist were suspect at the best of times.

It use to be a case of spot the colour cast, usually from one print to the next on the same roll, or if you were very unlucky the 'technician' handling your precious negatives might just pre-fog them a bit, or a lot, it just depended how drunk or stoned they were.

Well now you can get that, 70's fucked-up at the lab look with this wonderful little app from iTunes. Okay fucked-up might be a bit strong, the app produces wonderful little artworks that you'd take ages to produce in photoshop from a normal image.

Anyway I'm hooked, since I bought the app at the beginning of the week it's been my camera app of choice on my iPhone, anything and anyone is being snapped, no matter what they're doing!