Today was going to be a film day...

... but the weather so far today has been shocking, torrential rain for nearly an hour, it's only just starting to brighten up now. So instead of going out to play with my Rolleicord and Nikon FM I'm sat in front of the computer working on the images I took during Whit week. We went down to Norfolk, we spent most of our time on the beach or bizarrely riding on miniature railways, we did the Dinosaur Adventure too, which was fun, my youngest lad roared at all the inanimate dinosaurs, we were in stitches. The image below is from Dinosaur Adventure, my son is stood next to me roaring his head off, he wouldn't go any closer, brave enough to roar but wisely at two years old, keeping far enough away in case it is real.

He didn't stand up to the T-Rex though, he's smart for two.