Monday, 11 July 2011

Why didn't I take my flashguns...

I spent a long weekend in Wiltshire, though on Sunday I went west to Bath to see an old friend and skateboarding buddy, Howard. I took my Canon 1Ds MkII with me, not sure why, though I didn't take my flashguns. Kicking myself, after a few good cups of coffee (there were biscuits), a lot of reminiscing about the good old days (when our knees and ankles could still take the pounding of a full day of skateboarding), a trip into Bath for lunch at a Tex-Mex restaurant, Howard suggested checking out the local skatepark. There was a session going down with three guys, whose names I will find out, I took a few pictures but had to push the ASA up to 400 in order to get 1/1000s shutter speed to freeze the action. I'm a bit old school when it come to using higher ASA/ISO, most of my action photography was always shot on 100ASA film stock, I see no reason to change, though to be honest the slight increase in noise on these digital shots doesn't detract one bit.

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