My Mac Pro has...

... reached the tender age of 3, the Applecare has now expired (which has been well worth the money as my graphics card took a nose dive 18 months ago) and so I was thinking, replace or keep. Does it still speed along helping me get my work out on time, yes. Has it reached the end of it useful life, no, no it has not. So it's a keeper, though it needs opening up again and treating to a good dusting with some canned air, it's amazing just how much dust they will collect if you let them. I'm also going to replace the main hard drive, in fact I'll be doing two drives, keeping one as a spare, just in case. So that will mean a little down time this week,

I choose Samsung 500GB F3 SATAII Hard drives which I ordered from Micros Direct  who got them to me very quickly, a company who have very good service and brilliant communications and can pin delivery down to a particular hour of the given delivery day, which is a god send.

I've had a hard drive start to produce the 'clicking sound of hard drive death' before in my old iMac (the old angle-poise screen G4) and that was a bit of a wake up call of the fragility of hard drives. 

The spare drive for the MacPro I'll be keeping with my archive drives at a secure off site location (yeah if you've been reading earlier posts you'll know that location is my Dads house) because you never know, fire, flood, theft, earthquakes, werewolves, vampires...