Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Set building...

... today, had to knock up a false wall. The wall is made of 12mm mdf 900mm x 900mm with a base and a web piece to keep everything straight. All screwed together, cos that's the way it should be done, also means that with a quick play with the electric screwdriver it can all be broken down and stored easily.

The wall effect is made from a plastic sheet that originally came from Pinewood Studios. It's brilliant stuff for building sets with, with the use of a vacuum forming machine they can reproduce brick walls, stone walls, wooden panels, the list goes on. It's used a lot in film set building, this piece was an off-cut I got from a studio I used to work for, well they were chucking the stuff out, so I chucked it into the boot of my car. You never know when it might come in handy, like today, for a shoot tomorrow.

Notice the black weight, I've got three of them, by Hall's of London, theatrical weights, bloody heavy, you don't wear sandals when you're carrying these babies about. They're great for keeping stuff where you want it to stay, I'll be using them tomorrow as I've got lighting units going on the wall, they're prototypes, so the last thing I need is the wall doing a Humpty Dumpty, as my insurance company might not like it.

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