So what was the wall for...

... it was for these, exterior lights, packaging shots. The shots with the lights on proved a little troublesome, the large security light created a rainbow glare as the LED bulbs are very bright, so I had to do a two part comp shooting the light off with flash and then with the LED light on, a quick bit of work in layers in Photoshop sorted it.

So the images are now winging their way through the wonder of ftp to Hong Kong to be dropped onto the packaging, soon to be packed with lights that will be heading to these shores very soon.

A quick shot of the old Canon 1Ds MkII sat atop of my Manfrotto ball head, the 075 tripod legs are out of shot, as is the 70-200mm f4 L series lens attached to the camera. During the shoot the camera was tethered to the laptop and the images captured in Aperture. The images went through Photoshop for the raw conversions on the MacPro.

My trusty Hall theatre weights keeping everything held down nicely, screwdrivers were for removing the plugs to get each lights lead through the hole in the wall, before putting the plugs back on, time, it all takes time...

The plastic walling does look pretty convincing, I've used it for a great deal of photography shot applications. Wish I could get some more but the old supplier has disappeared now, bother!