This morning I was out nice and early...

... to get some images of CCTV cameras, it's for an article in a security industry magazine. So armed with my trusty Canon and the 70-200mm lens I ventured forth into the chill of a late October day.

The only thing that was worrying me was if I'd get my collar felt by the police, what with the way some forces have interpreted the anti-terrorist laws.

I shouldn't have worried I only saw one police vehicle during the quest for shots of CCTV cameras and the occupant didn't even give me a second glance.

It was interesting to see just how many CCTV camera my local town has, a good deal of shops have them, but the town is pretty much covered with cameras that are obviously owned and run by the council.

I doubt it's so much a case of Big Brother is watching you, more some poor sod that has to watch the monitors all day bored out of his skull. Lets hope they let him have the radio on at least.