Shut down my Instagram account today...

Finally did it, shut down my Instagram account, I know I said I was going to and I nearly did, but then they came back with a quick back pedal over the T&Cs, but I had a read of those new T&Cs and they still suck, so gone, binned, never to return.

In other news, I'm really busy at the moment, January can be such a hit and miss month for work, but it's been streaming in. Products, location, though the snow is going to put a spanner in that one till it melts away, and I've a heap of photoshop work come in. Creating coloured radiators images from some sample shots I took in November, the samples are of an area only a 15th of a full sized unit, but they are looking good and the client loves the first test images I sent over, just 12 sets of  different sized radiators in 16 different colours to create.

The sample is on the left, the full size radiator was created from this small section, the valves and pipes were added from existing images. All fun. 

Talking of fun, with new snow blowing in all night I think it'll be snowman building time tomorrow, we have one already built today, but he needs some friends. Have a good and safe weekend folks.