Timber! Or how a flash head goes from 5ft to 0ft.

This very set up took a fall on wednesday during a shoot, it went from being just over 5 feet up on the stand to being Zero feet on the floor. I have to admit my heart stopped as I helplessly watched the incident occur, watching the softbox hit first, then the modelling light blinked it's last and the LED dials on the side of the head went dead. It took just over a second, I swore, I swore quite a bit, it would have made a sailor blush. The softbox was undamaged, relief number one, the head looked okay, but nothing happened when I flicked the power switch on and off, so I quickly swapped the fuse in the head, pow, all the dials were back on, relief number two, the only casualty of this episode was the modelling bulb. I'm still not entirely sure why the head went over, a power cable getting snagged, whatever, chalk it up to experience and try to make sure it doesn't happen again. Accidents happen, that's why you have insurance, thankfully I wont be needing that this time. Looks like I need to order some more modelling bulbs soon, just used the last one.