A few little system changes before I can download Lightroom5

It was bound to happen, Lightroom 5 beta has been dropped upon us, with new and improved features, YouTube is already littered with peoples videos on the best bits that the new software has to offer, and quite frankly they do look great. So have I downloaded the beta software yet... 

Errr no! 


Well I'm still running Snow Leopard, I know, I know, should have upgraded ages ago, but I had some software on the MacPro that I just wasn't prepared to see disappear, at least at the time that Lion OS 10.7 turned up. So now with 10.9 probably looming for release and my MacPro being long in the tooth, and a new MacPro impossible now that Apple don't sell them in Europe, I think it's time to jump on the Mountain Lion wagon. 

So long story short, new main drive going into the MacPro, get Snow Leopard up and running on it and then upgrade to Mountain Lion, we'll see how that pussy cats purrs along, oh yes and I'll download Lightroom 5 and see what all the fuss is about.

Of course I'll be keeping my old main drive as a back up, with Snow Leopard waiting to jump back into action, if needed. I always hedge my bets...