Reworking some old Mountain Bike Downhill Race shots

I've been revisiting-reworking a few old images, popping them through Lightroom 4 to see what the software will let me get away with. These were taken back in 2006, I was using a Canon D60, state of the art 6megapixel DSLR camera, at least it was back then. The images always needed contrast and saturation adding to make them pop off the screen in post.

Above 2006 - Below 2013

Lightroom has let me tweak the original jpeg (I can't find the original raw), it's pushing it, the noise is increasing, but for an 18Mb original it's come out okay. Pops more than in 2006 that's for sure.

A couple more images that have had a tap with the 2013 Lightroom 4 stick, yes I've been playing with graduations, in the root system under the bike, originally there was a bit to much light from the flash I used to backlight the riders. Seven years late... Corrected.