Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fuji X100 and why I love it.

This is my youngest boy, he'll be 5 next week, here he is squeezed into the Little Tikes car belonging to our neighbour's child, who is 18 months old, he looks quite guilty, and he should be, he is sat in a stolen vehicle. The police weren't called, the vehicle was handed back, but I quickly got a picture with the Fuji X100 that was hanging over my shoulder, before he managed to get out. That is why I love the X100, it is always there. It has got a place in my camera bag with all the Canon bodies and lenses, but it never seems to be there. It's always in the pocket of the coat I'm wearing, or in the laptop bag when I go and visit clients or off out on a location recon. I seem to pick it up without thinking, it's there with my phone, keys, and wallet. Another essential.

A homage to William Eggleston's Big Wheels

The kids often fall under the watchful gaze of the ever present X100

Big cat hunting...

Wood... one natural, one laminated

A rare selfie... Hey what's that doing there!

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