Old men, maple, and urethane...

I'm a skateboarder, I've been a skateboarder since I was 11 years old, it's is something I love, it's in the blood, I've spilt blood doing it, I've broken bones, yet I couldn't give it up.

I've been taking skateboarding photos since I was 12, or might have been 11, the years do seem to fuzz together as you look back on them from afar. I took these images below last night, once again the first Saturday of the month heralded the MAS (Middle Aged Shred) session at Deeside skatepark, men with maple, aluminium and urethane, spent the evening doing what they love, skateboarding, fun was had, pain was on the agenda too, because you have dues to pay, they are paid in scrapes, bumps, and blood.

We know our limitations, but you always try pushing them that bit further, otherwise what is the point. I managed to get a few hours skating done between stints with the camera, so I ache a bit today, but it's a good ache.

I took these images with a Fuji X100, had a couple of Canon 550EX speedlights on small stands fired by iShoot transmitter and receivers, before I've had the full Canon kit with me and a brace of Bowens heads, stands, and modifiers, it's nice to travel light.

To anyone upset by the graphic of a poodle with half a cat in it's mouth, all I can say is that skateboard graphics are not famed for their cuteness.

I realise I need to get my "Old Skateboarders" project moving again, I've neglected it due to working commitments, I need to rectify that.