Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Shooting film...................................Why?

So why go and shoot some film, discipline, it can help you with digital workflow, like you'll learn to look more and shoot less, plus it could be fun! I'm heading out in the next couple of days and the DSLR is staying at home, it needs a break, it's been working pretty hard over the last three and a half years.

Instead I'm packing the vintage Rolleicord and an old Nikon FM, some rolls of film and a hand held light meter. The aim of this little exercise is to slow myself down, take stock of how I shoot and limit myself to using only two rolls of 120 and three rolls of 35mm film, potentially 108 images. Last Friday I shot 749 images in 5 hours for a client that was having a big firework/Halloween party, picking my way through the images in Photoshop it struck me that I'd been a little too snap happy. Usually when I'm shooting in the studio and I'd be more controlled with the number of images that I took, but that assignment on Friday got me thinking.

So I'm going to go and shoot some film, slow myself down, look for the shot rather that snap and pick later, it's just developing good practice. Probably wont get anything posted up here quickly, what with sending away for processing, prints and ironically a disk of scanned images, can't get away from bloody digital these days.....