Monday, 29 August 2011

Oh, so you want me to waiver my copyright...

I got this e-mail yesterday afternoon, I started to read it and thought yeah okay that sounds okay. Until I got to the last request... e-mail below...

Hi. I was just writing to enquire about a shoot for my 15 year old daughter. I was just wondering how much a   portfolio shoot, with the following requirements would cost?

Image Criteria:
Each image must be in portrait, JPEG format, a minimum of 2.5MB and have dimensions of
no less than 2000 x 3000px.
Images must be less than three months old and be a true, current likeness.
Images must be to a professional standard, taken in studio using appropriate equipment and
lighting facilities including soft box, gels and reflectors.
A minimum of 50 images must be provided
Images must include a range of headshots, ¾ shots, and full-length shots.
Images must be taken in a range of colour, monochrome and sepia tones.
Images must feature a minimum of three outfit changes and utilise a range of accessories
and/or props.
Images must be in original format – no air brushed images will be considered.
Images must be accompanied with a signed and dated letter from the original Photographer,
or Photographic Studio where they were taken, wavering copyright in regard to all media in

Many Thanks. T C.

The e-mail I sent back was short, concise and to the point "I don't 'Waiver' copyright. Ever!" I did suggest that she could do a copyright buyout, expensive. The image criteria that TC lists is obviously copy and pasted from whatever competition she is entering her daughter into, you'd have thought that if this competition wants professionals to produce the images they'd have had a bit more sense than to demand giving up copyright. Right I can now get back to enjoying the wet Bank Holiday Monday.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Toy Bike...

I promised my eldest boy I'd photograph his toy chopper motorcycle, when you make a promise to your kid or kids you've got to come through with the goods. What kind of a Dad would you be if you didn't? I really shouldn't have used a purple gel, should of just had a little bit of white light creeping in, but someone wanted purple... It was shot with two lights, one for the background and one overhead with a medium softbox. the rest of the lighting is done using silver-foil cards, you can get them at most craft stores and they're great for popping a bit of fill into small products, or toys.

Tweet... Tweet...

I suppose it had to happen eventually, I'm on Twitter now, you can follow me by pressing the convenient button on the right of the blog, above the e-mail link and that Facebook widget. I'm on Google+ now so if you want an invite just drop me an e-mail.