Saturday, 30 April 2011

Some new bits and pieces on the desk...

There have been a few resent changes to the equipment on my desk, a 20 inch Apple Cinema Display has replaced the old 17 inch screen and I've installed an Icy Box IB-111StUS2-Wh Docking Station. This is for the updating of the off site hard drives, which are usually stored at a top secret location (my Dad's house) for the reassurance of extra back up of all my data. The unit comes with USB 2.0 or eSATA connection, the eSATA being far faster and my obvious choice.

The Icy Box unit has quite a small footprint and is extremely easy to use during my weekly Monday back up of all data to a eSATA 1.5 TB drive, that my Dad drops off in the morning and takes away later the same day. The drives travel in these Icy Box plastic cases (below) which keep them safe from dust and moisture.

The iPhone 4 , pictured below, has a pair of external batteries, I got these just incase the phone battery died out on location, one travels in my camera bag, the other usually accompanies my iPad.

The film cameras on the windowsill are all still in use, the Rolleicord and Canon EOS 1N more than the Nikon FM, which has gathered a bit of dust and needs a damned good clean, on well out with the canned air.

05/2012: A quick update on the Icy Box Docking Station... Never! Never! Ever! Let a three year old into your office, he will fill the Icy Box Docking Station with whatever is to hand, compact flash cards, money, blu-tac, a Polo mint, and a pencil sharpener. Suffice to say the Icy Box docking Station has not taken well to these non hard drive intruders and has given up the ghost. My three year old son still finds it funny, but he doesn't understand the meaning of 'I've spent your college money' yet.

Monday, 18 April 2011

New website tantalisingly close...

So after a lot of time spent relearning Dreamweaver I've finally got the new website working, at least it works fine in dreamweaver and reviewing it in Safari. So soon it'll go live, with it yet another marketing push to attract attention to the site.

There are a lot of similarities with the old site, but this one now centres properly when you open the page, I'm still using a slightly panoramic image, though I'm working on a different portfolio using small image buttons to lead to larger images, when I've got that working how I'd like it to that will go live, though that might be a while yet.

I'm hoping to go live with the new site next week, the marketing should be printed by then to, so I imagine I'll be buying a big block of postage stamps real soon. I've still got the keywording to finish, a very important part of the whole project and I'm waiting for a few testimonials to turn up.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

And I'd just like to say...

... hello to everyone out there in blogging land, I've got really interested in audience stats recently. I'm not sure exactly why as I don't seem to be getting any work through the ramblings I write on this blog, but it's interesting to see where the readers are coming from, I'd especially like to say hello to the guys or girls in Iran who seem to like what I'm blabbering on about, and are moving their country up the audience location tables and are neck and neck with the USA this week. I find that rather amusing.

Oh and Brazil, you're trailing this week, as my old teacher use to say 'You could do better!'

Upgraded the iPhone...

Finally got my upgrade to the Apple iPhone4, I got my old 3G about two months before the iPhone4 came out, the 3GS was available, but I didn't need video, I just needed a phone. So just how wrong can you be? This little piece of technology is going to be invaluable, I've just down loaded a time lapse video app and I'm already thinking of ideas to use it on. I've already played with the Facetime feature, but I think looking up the nose of a client whilst in conversation might not be such a good idea. So now it's time to play with the phone and figure out just what a difference it's going to make to my working day, if it's anything like the difference the iPhone3G made it's going to be great. Oh you can guarantee now I've got the iPhone4 the iPhone5 will hit the streets in a month or two!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Always find someone to hold the QP card...

QP cards are great, simple to use and always give you a good head start for working on raw images in photoshop, the only thing you have to do is find someone to hold them for your initial shot.

I got mine from Colour Confidence, link below, other purveyors of quality grey and colour charts are available.

Monday, 4 April 2011

A working weekend...

This weekend hasn't been the greatest I can remember, Saturday was lovely, the sun was shining, it was warm, and I was stuck in a room shooting paper, plastic and hesian bags for a catalogue. Okay I shouldn't moan it's work and that isn't so easy to come by these days. So whilst I filled, arranged and shot the bags, my wife kept my two boys entertained, gardening and playing football.

Sunday, Mothering Sunday no less, a time of cards, flowers and chocolates, started well, my wife was really happy with her hand made cards off the boys, her eyes lit up when they presented her with a big box of Maltesers too. I still had a few shots to do so whilst my wife took the boys to see her mum I continued shooting. This took longer than I'd anticipated and before I knew it the wife was home and wanting to go out for the family walk we'd discussed before she'd left.

I finally got the job wrapped and packed, we got our walk, down to the park so the kids could have a good play on the swings, slides and roundabouts, and on the way back the heavens opened and we got a good soaking.

Sometimes being self-employed ain't so good, you have to balance work and home life, but it's difficult when you have a deadline for a job, even if it mean working on Mothers Day.