Thursday, 8 November 2012

Half Apple Boxes DIY...

I've finally got around to producing the half apple boxes, got the plywood cut again at B&Q this morning. All cut to finished sizes (the cutting list is below), I set up a jig to route the 12 handles, though only 8 are need as real handles, the others become the centre bracing for the box.

Again every box is screwed and glued, as strength is very important. Over did it a bit with the glue on this first box, a little bit of glue goes a long way. All over my jumper and half way down my trouser leg in this case.

Cordless screwdrivers are a god send, in fact I bought another when I was having the wood cut up, well they were selling them off at £10, had been £30, bargain!

I've built all four boxes today, tomorrow I'll bevel the edges and sides with the radius tool on the router and get them sanded. I had enough wood to make a couple of quarter apple boxes too, but I'm not going to bore you with shots of the construction of those.

Cutting list:-
8 off 305 mm x 508 mm top and bottom panels
8 off 66 mm x 508 mm side panels
12 off 66 mm x 269 mm end and middle panels

All from one 2440 mm x 1440 mm x 18 mm (8' x 4' x 3/4") sheet of plywood, the off cuts were enough to construct the top and bottom panels for two quarter apple boxes, though I've used some 15 mm thick timber to get the thickness up to the 51 mm required for the quarter sized box. Instead of holes I've just run the router bit along the edge to create a rebate to help pick them up off the floor. 

10 Apple boxes for £56 in timber, just over the price of one box from Calumet, I'm pleased with that, and I've really enjoyed making them.