Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday morning dilemma..........................

Okay the dilemma is about which magazine to read first, PDN and Professional Photographer (UK) have both dropped through the letterbox this morning. It's trivial I know but it's monday morning and for a change I've nothing better to do for an hour or two. I think I need to put the kettle on, PDN first me thinks.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Adventures in Apertureland........................

So with the introduction of Apples new App Store came Aperture 3 at the knock-down price of £44.95, question. Who hasn't bought it? Thought as much. I'd downloaded the trial version ages ago and really didn't get to play with it much before I'd used up the 30 day trial period. I've got it installed on the Mac Pro and the Mac Book now and last week I was experimenting with the tethered capability on the laptop, okay it's not the quickest model and it's only churning on 2GB of memory so I was experiencing some hang time between images but on the whole it was an enjoyable experience. I set up one of my eldest sons toys that Father Christmas dropped by last month and played with the lighting a bit to get the effect I was after. I have to say that my adventures in Apertureland look set to continue, having figured out by trial and error and later by watching the excellent how-to videos that Apple provide on their site, I'm really taking to this software.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year.......................................

With Christmas out of the way and New Year done and dusted it's back to putting the business head on. So much to do and as usual so little time to get it done, chasing money owed is one of the first priorities, well I've a tax man to pay at the end of the month and he don't like waiting and he'll fine you if you're late with payment.
My new slogan for 2011 is 'Marketing, marketing and then a bit more marketing' well it's predicted to be a bad year might as well try and get the most out of it.