Wednesday, 4 July 2012

So what's going on...

I've been invoicing this week, for May and June, got a bit busy and something had to give, invoicing had to wait. Still all done and dusted now. 

I've had time this week because I had surgery on Monday, I've been deaf in my right ear since I was two years old, a nasty virus ate away most of my inner ear. In November I decided to get my good working left ear tested, a trip to the Doctors and the request was dispatched to the local hospital. January, on my birthday ironically I went to hospital to get it tested, just thought I'd be having a test, nothing more. After sitting with a pair of cans on my ears for ten minutes I was ushered back into the waiting room and told to wait to see the consultant, a short wait and I was in his office and he was looking in my ears. Then he uttered 'So what would you like us to do about your right ear?' I laughed, for a good thirty years I've been told numerous times that there was nothing that could be done to bring back my hearing. He smiled and then told me the options, one of those options has been available for over twenty years, it's never been offer to me because most general practitioners have no idea it exists. He said it involves some surgery, I was fine with that, he said it wouldn't give me 100% hearing in my right ear, I was fine with that. So after some tests and an MRI scan it was all systems go, surgery went well, under local anaesthetic, having someone drilling into your skull whilst you're wide awake is a little surreal, then an abutment/bolt was screwed into my skull behind my ear. In about four to six weeks time, once I'm all healed up, I get a Cochlear Baha, a very small device that will clip onto the abutment and I will hear again in my right ear. You have no idea how wonderful that is going to feel, or how strange, I can't wait.

Sometimes you just need one bit of luck to come your way, I could have forgotten about getting myself tested, I'd have no idea that my hearing could have been given back to me, I could be walking around for another 30 years with no idea. Sometimes you have to set the ball rolling.

I met a guy a few weeks ago, he's in his seventies, he has some amazing vintage motorbikes, we chatted for awhile and I asked if I could photograph the bikes, he was very enthusiastic about the idea, so another project is on the cards. Another ball is set rolling, now if only this appalling wet weather would make way for some decent dry weather I can get a start on photographing these bike...

Oh yeah, tomorrow I'm shooting shoes, and doing a heap of photoshop work of radiators. Hole in the head and I'm still working!