Friday, 7 December 2018

Photography... Some recent work and some marketing.

Some recent work, and some examples of marketing designs

Tricked out Titanium Exhaust for a V8 engine, taken for an advert to appear in an engineering magazine, shot Saturday, processed Sunday, and to press Monday.

More Titanium exhaust parts, the heat treatment brings out these fabulous gold, blue and purple colours.

New LED PIR battery powered security light, shot on white, and on location, at both day and night time.

A small room set for a solar powered battery unit, to power a TV and a satellite TV box, the product is designed to be sold in Africa, the battery I received was a prototype and was orange and grey, that needed changing to a specific green and grey

The logos had to be removed from the Satellite TV box too, and the Computer screen needed to look more like a TV.

Oh, and the cables had to be altered, and turned Black.

Then the white cables and the LED lights in shot had to be removed, these were in the original brief, but that changed, luckily I'd shot a few frames without the lights in.

Some recent marketing DL size postcards that have been landing on potential new client's desks over the last week or so.

All images ©2018 Alistair Kerr Photography