Monday, 6 June 2016

Photography Apple Boxes... Part 3

I've been meaning to put dual handles on the Apple Boxes that I made a few years back for ages. I built a jig out of odd bits of wood I had in my workshop, the size is based around the base plate of my router.

The jig didn't take long to fabricate, but it did have to fit each of the Apple Boxes, I'm so glad I made the boxes identical sizes in the first place, the jig had just enough friction on the Apple Box to give it a tight fit.

Then it was simply a case of placing the router into the jig, starting up the router and plunging the router bit through the plywood and move the router around the inside edge of the jig.

I re-routed the original handles too, making them a little bigger all around. They look more like proper Apple Boxes now, least I think they do.

©2016 Alistair Kerr Photography

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