Saturday, 23 February 2019

What's in my camera bag...

So what's in my camera bag? Well for a start I can tell you it's damned heavy. Two Canon bodies, usually my Fuji X100 (but I used that to take these photos), a selection of five lenses, flash guns, X-Rite ColorChecker, batteries, light-meter, i-Shoot transmitters and receivers, compact-flash and SDHC cards, Leatherman, filters, clips, rubber bands, bluetac, white cotton gloves, rubber gloves, lens cleaning cloth, Gaffer tape, there are other bits that are added and taken out as and when they'll be required.

So from the overview of the bag you can see how it fits in.


All images ©2019 Alistair Kerr Photography

Steal them and you'll only make my lawyer richer.

Radiator Week... Photoshop work.

I actually did this job a while ago, I've just found the draft sitting in my Post list in Blogger, so I thought I'd finally publish it.

Building Radiators in Photoshop 101.

The small 'Original' radiator on the left is what I photographed, it's a colour sample, or 'Babies', I had seven of these to photograph but the red set shows what I built from such a small sample. From the get go I had to add another bar as the final images required that the radiators were three tubes deep. This required a lot of cutting, pasting and occasionally, swearing! 

Without a Wacom tablet I'd have never gotten these done, pen over mouse any day.

Three finished radiators

The Babies

©2019 Alistair Kerr Photography

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Photography... More new client work Feb 2019

Some more new client work, including for a 4X4 Fabrication company who turn Land Rover Defenders, amongst other vehicles, into serious off road truck engine powered conversions.

Lovely attention to detail.

And the interiors don't go wanting either, whatever colour leather trim you want, and with custom built centre consoles. 

 Continued work for my jewellery clint, more examples of their wares required shooting for their new website.

All images
©2019 Alistair Kerr Photography

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Photography... New Client work Feb 2019

Boxes, cufflinks and more cufflinks, making good use my extension tubes,
and image stacking.

And another shoot for my specialist exhaust client, workshop, welding and 
details of a vintage F1 V8 exhaust build for an advertorial.

All images
©2019 Alistair Kerr Photography