Thursday, 14 March 2019

Photography... Car shoot - Jaguar F-Type

Before Photoshop

I shot this Jaguar F-Type in Chester yesterday, just after Storm Gareth had blown and blustered its way across the country, and just before the heavens opened. Set up was two Bowens 500 Pro heads, both with 9 inch reflectors, on Manfrotto stands, and powered by a pair of Bowens Travelpaks. Camera was a Canon 5D MkIII, with a 24-70mm f2.8L lens, all supported on a large Calumet tripod.

After Photoshop

I took a number of shots moving one flash head to get the wheels and tyres lit separately as well as the left hand side of the car, these were put together using layers in Photoshop to get the result I was looking for.

All images ©2019 Alistair Kerr Photography

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